Just another charming day out in the wilderness

***Beware of extreme squirrel footage***

We apologize in advance if you do not find squirrels adorably entertaining; obviously we are squirrel lovers.

Today was charmingly laid back.  Although it started off with me getting stung by a bee—not once but twice—at the last few strides of my run, we had a great outdoor breakfast. The weather-perfect, complete with the BEST squirrel entertainment that we couldn’t get enough of watching.  Actually, we were so obsessed with the two cute and playful little rascals that we snatched a few videos of them in action.  The relaxing day ended with our first cook out consisting of turkey sausages and stuffed jalapeños (although they weren’t so fully stuffed after Cyrus got through with trying to cook them also over the unbearably hot open-fire grill).  We concluding the smoke filled evening with roasting marshmallows for making–you guessed it– s’mores as our scrumptious dessert!!  What a delightful day.