Cascade Pass hike to Doubtful Lake and up to the glaciers

For the first 3.2 miles of the out-and-back trail, we zigzagged up the switchbacks taking in the soaring mountain vistas across the valley to the mountain pass. We heard a rumble at one point and looked over towards a glacier to witness a truck-sized piece of glacier crack off the main piece tumbling a thousand feet down through a waterfall and to it’s resting place. What a rare sight!

We then headed up above treeline for 2.5 miles while circumventing the cobalt blue Doubtful Lake down below. Massive marmots peppered the trail (as well as equally massive pestering horse flies) as we scrambled the boulder fields to our final destination at the bottom of the Sahale Glacier.


Author: akvenable

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    1. That’s what I told Cyrus…double date I said;) Actually down in California right now. How’s your trip going lately? We went to San Juan Islands after Vancouver a week ago…love love. Posting those soon


      1. Well we’ll make it happen sometime, I’m sure! Our trip is going great (better now that we dealt with the crunched truck issue today!). šŸ™‚ San Juan Islands are gorgeous…glad you made it there. Where will you guys be in late September/October?


      2. I just saw you had to go down to our starting point to Golden to get the truck situation taken care of…sorry about your luck! September have to go back to OK for brother’s wedding, then back up to California. Let me know if you come this way and you could stay at the Malibu Beach RV park that looks amazing.


      3. No worries…we made the best of it!

        We’ve stayed at that RV park in Malibu…love the view! (I’m from that area so know it well.) We have some friends trying to talk us into joining them in Paso Robles in mid-October…still thinking about it. šŸ™‚ Where will you be in CA?


      4. Sunsets are beautiful out here. I do love having the beach and the mountains all in one place..Ojai Valley around then I think. Well let me know if you come down.


      5. Will definitely let you kow! And then maybe you guys might wanna come meet us all up in Paso for some wine tasting with Leigh & Brian ( Triple date! šŸ™‚


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