It’s a family tradition!

Every two years my mother’s side of the family reunites to catch up over drinks, food and dancing out in Osage Hills State Park in the wilderness of Oklahoma.  I saw a different side of Osage Hills this year and found the awesome hiking trails!  I was filled with joy when I saw the trail head sign as I was driving to the campgrounds!  I really miss the trails and hikes up north on the road.  I am starting to see Oklahoma from a different point of view though now, at least, making the best of it’s resources it has to offer me. I will be sticking around for a while, so I will make the best of my new habitat for now.  Soooo..the trail we picked lead to this beautiful lake about 45 minutes away.  We began our trek just in time to see the animals that come out at sunset:  six creepy armadillo rustling through the leaves, about nineteen deer lining the trail, (my favorite moment was when we ran across the doe and her two sweet fawns, naturally) and one tarantula. Of course the one time I didn’t have my phone NOR camera with me, I saw all of these. I didn’t even get pics of the hidden lake and dynamite sites along the trail:/

The next day we wondered over to another area of the park to find some sandy trails, a big creek with a few small cascades, speckly chameleon lizards, some shoreline green frogs, and a white and a blue dragonfly. I also had a nice run with a few more armadillo encounters later that afternoon.
ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageThen I ate a smorgasbord of potluck foods–including yummy praline cheesecake bars made by the best cook, my mom.Image