Ski Museum

Pretty interesting seeing how they got around in all that snow back then, no accessible snow plows or anything to make it any easier. The story about them being snowed in up past their first story windows was the most fascinating. They were very isolated at times.




20130206-202402.jpgFrom November 1898-February 1899 the town of Breckenridge was snowed in; people and trains were snowed out for 79 straight days resulting in depleting food supply. They shoveled snow tunnels to Main Street to get around for a while until a rotary plow finally got through in April and cleared the train blockade to get food supplies replenished.


20130206-202443.jpgThe ladies especially had it rough wearing those dresses out in the snow, corsets and all!!



  1. Garrett says:

    I just finished reading about the Berlin Air Lift from right after WW2. The portion of the story you told above about them being snowed in with out supplies made me think about that book.


  2. akvenable says:

    I love that you read a lot. I can’t imagine…and the women did it in ladylike style, corsets and all!


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