Pinot’s Palette

I really enjoyed this whole experience at Pinot’s Palette. We were able to bring in our sushi dinner;however, they provided a decent selection of drinks for a somewhat pleasing price. I like the concept, but I’d suggest checking their calendar before going (as I did not), to make sure you aren’t stuck painting a picture you don’t even want to take home to show off on your wall. I free styled it on my own drawing mountains and a double rainbow scene over Flathead Lake, Montana–a beautiful memory–because I didn’t like the one they were teaching. Also, be ready to finish it at home if you really get into it, because completing a nice painting that size in two hours is quite impossible for me. A more realistic time frame (and even more expensive!!) is the weekend class/party option that lasts three hours. It would be more practical to throw my own painting party in that case:) 20130325-220429.jpg