Another yummy quiche and Blue Cheese Tomato Soup

This quiche is mainly egg whites with just a few yolks and consists of a heaping bunch of fresh spinach, red and yellow bell peppers, shallot, garlic, onion, fresh basil, and tomatoes. A special thanks to Conrad Farms for the extra fresh produce AND being so generous with the veggies! I love their home grown tomatoes and spinach. 20130327-005107.jpg

20130327-005123.jpgNotice the “Love Crunch” I sneaked in the picture? It’s the best granola I’ve tried from Whole Foods–give it a go. It has dried red berries and dark chocolate bits, absolutely delicious!

20130327-005135.jpgThe unique recipe here is the
Blue Cheese Tomato Soup.
Stay tuned for the recipe…



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