Farmers’ Market Goodness in a salad

Pure goodness!! I decided to call this “Farmers Market Salad,” because I got every ingredient but the apple and avocado from a few different farmers at the local farmer’s market Sunday.

Farmers Market Salad

Arugula and mixed greens
Honey crisp apple
Salt n pepper

Slice, chop, and/or tear all ingredients and toss. No dressing needed, if all ingredients are as ripe and delicious as these. This is such a flavorful delicious creation that I will definitely make again. A fresh squeeze of lime or lemon would be great too, just to marry all the flavors.

I drank a glass of red wine with it just because it was already open, but a Sauvignon Blanc would accompany it much better!



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  1. venable05 says:

    That looks delicious!!


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