Kombucha Time

I’ve tried three now: Hibiscus, Citrus, and Lavender. The next flavor I want to try is called Bilberry. They’re all interestingly tasty, but the smell is not so pleasant. It is kind of pricey too (around $3.50/bottle). It suggests to drink one every day, but that would be a pretty hefty investment. 20130514-133111.jpgThere are some cloudy looking strands of Kombucha culture at the bottom that I choose not to consume, so I toss it with about an inch of “elixir” remaining in the bottle.

20130514-133507.jpgAlso remember, DO NOT SHAKE as I did instinctively the moment I read “do not shake” on the bottle. I don’t know what that would’ve done and was luckily still at the store, so I traded for another one, because I couldn’t afford to find out;)

With all the enzymes, probiotics, and detoxifiers it’s so good for you–see Nutrition Facts below. Oh…I almost forgot, you can find it at Whole Foods.



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