Entertaining Bottles and Brews

I decided to share a few unique beers that I enjoyed over the past couple months. The last two also happen to be in very high demand and are very difficult to find. Pay close attention the labels too. I especially enjoyed reading Heady Topper’s can: “Don’t be a d-bag. Recycle this can.”

I got this beer very close to Nantucket, in Martha’s Vineyard.

20130830-090352.jpgThis Particular Artisan brew is sponsored by the Tulsa Rugby team.

20130830-090405.jpgThis is a yummy Imperial Stout aged in oak barrels on hints of cocoa nibs, strong coffee, chili peppers, and vanilla beans. It’s a whopping 14% abv! Scores a 99% in Beer Advocate ratings: World-Class–Must Try

20130830-090449.jpgThis scores a 100 in Beer Advocate! It’s loaded with hops hence is a Double IPA. It’s only 8% abv and a very refreshing poolside bevy.

Thanks to–our friend in high places, ha–Heath who is now into the US beer trading hobby, we were privileged enough to sample some.