The Oregon Coast

20130916-182512.jpgI love this hemmed in hollow of a path leading out to Ecola State Park.20130916-182519.jpg20130916-182525.jpg20130916-182532.jpgMy first view of Cannon Beach20130916-182546.jpg20130916-182554.jpg20130916-182612.jpg20130916-182623.jpg20130916-182633.jpg20130916-182640.jpg20130916-182647.jpgA local Cannon Beach brewery where I tried the Blackberry Beauty20130916-182713.jpg20130916-182719.jpg20130916-182724.jpgI drove on over to Astoria to check out a couple more breweries.  I decided to keep it to a light sampler of three with a cuppa soup here.  If you didn’t already guess which beers I chose, I sampled the porter, stout, and oatmeal creations. 20130916-182731.jpg20130916-182738.jpg20130916-182744.jpgHere we have some interesting and very impressive bathroom art depicting an old western theme that I thought was definitely pic worthy.20130916-182753.jpg20130916-182758.jpgWet Dog Cafe and Brewery aka Astoria Brewing Co20130916-182807.jpg20130916-182816.jpg20130916-182830.jpg

20130916-182853.jpgCheck out this brewery’s great view