Meet the Fosters (a tribute)

These puppies helped each other survive on the streets of Houston, Texas before they were rescued by Small Paws, a world-wide Bichon Frise rescue organization.  I took on the role of Foster Mom for these sweet energetic Bichons.  After thoughts of adopting, I decided to try this route first.  I’m out of practice at being a dog momma; it’s been about 6 years since I’ve owned one.

Nicholas is hilarious and also the highest jumping dog I’ve ever seen.

He likes to play King of the Mountain.

20140217-222649.jpgYou’ll even find him up on window sills (breaking antiques), trying to drive the car (even up on the dash!), and leaping up onto the table or dining room chairs joining us for a nice meal.

20140217-222702.jpg Noel is the sweetest.  She has a broken tail that can’t stand up nor wag 😦 and is being treated for heart worms, before they are both ready for adoption.  Until discovered by Small Paws, this precious girl suffered much distress in her 1 year of life.

20140217-223129.jpg You’ll often catch her in a nightly routine licking and grooming Brother’s face

20140217-223241.jpg… listening to his secrets


20140217-223619.jpgwhile sitting so lady like…kissy kissy

20140217-223703.jpgand looking so sweet after their baths.

20140217-223344.jpgThese two peas in a pod will make great pets after I teach them their manners.

20140217-224313.jpg No doubt I will miss them when they are adopted; however, I am more at ease knowing Nicholas and Noel will have a wonderful loving home and be provided an abundance of attention and playtime.  I’m relieved they must be adopted together and will remain close brother and sister pals.  Check out the website for anymore info regarding Small Paws.


Bon voyage to North Carolina!  “I’m going to Carolina in my mind…”20140409-143842.jpgI will miss these sweet babes.