Cooking Creations with Wes

Some of the most amazing meals were made with Mr. Verdel–an amazing sous chef and dear friend. Every time we cooked together we would seek out a new recipe, go buy the freshest ingredients, and pair it up with a great wine (or curios cocktail). I ran across these photos, reflected a bit, and decided to share some of the tastiest creations we made together.

Italian dinner night20140410-121512.jpg

I almost forgot to mention…desserts too!

Chocolate layer cake with a delicious white butter-cream icing

20140410-121629.jpgDid we also include amazing appetizers??? Oh yes we did.

Blueberry bell pepper salsa and spicy guacamole



Black bean, bell pepper, and onion enchiladas with sour cream sauce20140410-122039.jpg

20140410-122101.jpgTea time! Wes tradition: palate refresher–the grapefruit array


Rose wine with tzatziki, pita, and salad20140410-122956.jpg

Roasted fingerling potatoes, cherry tomatoes, with garlic and green onions20140410-123018.jpg

Avocado, peach, blackberry, honey roasted pecans, dried cherries, tomatoes, and mint salad20140410-123047.jpg

Vinegar cucumbers marinated with bell peppers and tomatoes20140410-123116.jpg

Quinoa with shallot, chopped tomatoes and lime (or lemon is fine) juice, cumin, and s&p20140410-123157.jpg



Kale with tomatoes, sliced roasted almonds, soaked in a sriracha, lemon, olive oil dressing20140410-123343.jpg

Grilled peach salad with ice soaked cold (very thin) onion slices, toasted almond slivers and pistachios 20140410-123411.jpg

Honey crisp apple, blue cheese salad with toasted almonds and pistachios with a sweet and salty vinaigrette 20140410-123436.jpg


Farfalle verdura20140410-123912.jpg

Heirloom tomato, mozza di bufala, fresh basil, s&p and balsamic/olive oil dressing for Caprese atop toasted Italian bread20140410-123943.jpg

Spinach, tomato, and cheese (blue cheese or goat cheese) quiche20140410-124020.jpg

Thanks so much Wes for spoiling me with the finest ingredients and wines!