This was the Hangout Festival.  It was quite an experience to attend a festival on the beach.  I felt like I traveled back in time to the college “Spring Break” adventures we took to the wild beach parties in South Padre and Panama City Beach.  I was very happy that we made it just in time to hear Ingrid Michaelson first off!IMG_6874IMG_6876We had three days of this!  After a while I had to get away from the crowd and take a ride on the Ferris wheel!  Sorry about the crooked horizon…I was in motion here.IMG_6900 IMG_6898 IMG_6878IMG_6884  Our fun festival group!IMG_1912 IMG_1908

IMG_1895We definitely heard some great music here, but this may be my first and last experience of Hangout Festival.  I would rather listen to the crashing of the waves and the seagulls call when I take a trip to the beach:)IMG_1898