Entertainment and Life in Virginia City

Well how we ended up here at the “World Famous Virginia City Outhouse Races” was not planned.  We simply got lucky to experience this epic event, as we didn’t make it on two of the flights going out of Reno this morning after enjoying the weekend in Tahoe.  We decided to rent another car for the day to explore Virginia City and made it just in time for the show followed by a tasty lunch at a nice little Tex Mex joint at the end of the main drag.IMG_1220IMG_1141 IMG_1181 IMG_1189 IMG_1190 IMG_1200 IMG_1203 IMG_1207 IMG_1222 IMG_1221IMG_1142 IMG_1144 IMG_1145 IMG_1147 IMG_1148IMG_1152IMG_1151 IMG_1150 IMG_1149IMG_1153 “World Famous”IMG_1163IMG_1155IMG_1159IMG_1161IMG_1162IMG_1165IMG_1168IMG_1167IMG_1169IMG_1171