It is officially fall when the fair comes to town

The Tulsa State Fair makes me feel like a kid again as I grew up going about every year I can remember. There were always fun memories made here with friends and family. I especially recall photo booth fun, taking old timey photos–dressing up like we belonged in the Old West, making our hands into colorful wax molds, creating sand rainbows in a glass bottle, riding all the rides our parents would allow, exploring the farm animals and exhibit buildings, or simply gawking at the carnies and the passer-bys…oh and can’t forget the mouthy clown, watching him sit up there repeating “high and dry” while laughing and enticing the guys to go up there to prove they are men and dunk that clown.







IMG_8172.JPGTimes have changed though. When I go visit the fair now I still will enjoy the food (top favorites: the Roasted Mexican Corn on the Cob and Cinnamon Apple Fries) and the photo booth, but we’ve realized how expensive those rides are that our parents treated us to all those years. Those tickets actually were dollar bills! This year we did ride the sky ride though which is cheaper than all the rides, lasts longest, and has the best view:)






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