Cutest Pictures of the Month

My sweet niece Bryce in her new birthday chairReady to go to Colorado! Time to play in the snow…My brother on his ski trip taking his daughter to the mountains for her first timeMy foster dog Nitro with sweet Elouise

Testing out the New Cookware

Carrot, Tomato, Roasted Red Bell Pepper Soup with garlic and onion Love my cast iron Staub!! Le Creuset makes this handy stock pot. Together they make a great team. Angry Mac n Cheese with Panko and dried Lipton Onion Soup crust

Homemade Habanero Shrub

Habanero Mezcaritas 1/4 part tequila 1/4 part Mezcal 1/4 part fresh grapefruit juice 1/4 part fresh lime juice sugar to taste (or make your own simple syrup dissolving sugar in warm water) Habanero shrub Shake all (or swirl altogether in big pitcher) with ice and set aside.  Now for my favorite part…mix some fine sea…

Always Christmas at Virginia’s Cabin

Two days of canoeing in the clearest water in OK, trail running, and eating well with beautiful weather made for a perfect weekend (minus the attack of the fat killer weenie dog). The aperitif of shrimp cocktail, crostini with melted jalapeño pimento and tomato was delicious. Prosecco and Creme de Violette was our drink of…