Always Christmas at Virginia’s Cabin

Two days of canoeing in the clearest water in OK, trail running, and eating well with beautiful weather made for a perfect weekend (minus the attack of the fat killer weenie dog). IMG_9708The aperitif of shrimp cocktail, crostini with melted jalapeño pimento and tomato was delicious. Prosecco and Creme de Violette was our drink of choice.






IMG_9688Yep, I had my first dog attack on my trail run by a weenie dog. In the end there was an apology visit by the dog owner with a Patron peace offering. When life gives you Patron make Mezcaritas!

IMG_9690Our friend’s new sour beer just got released, so we brought a bottle of this blueberry sour to try at the cabin.



  1. Andrew Locke says:

    Looks deliciosa! I have driven through OK, like, 5 times, and I’m composing an Alphabetical Blog for places I’ve visited. My “T” place was Tulsa! Check it out, and feel free to make a comment:


    1. akvenable says:

      I tried to access your blog but couldn’t through my phone. I’ll have to see if it will work through my computer. Thanks for the comment!


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