The Exquisite Beach Towns on 30A

Alys Beach is a beautiful beach community like no other I’ve seen…

My favorite coffee shop here…they even served cold brew!




A gorgeous view of all the houses along the water

The fancy bird house cluster to the old school ornamental windmill 

The driftwood horse statues are a must for this neighborhood.

The private community pool and restaurant–open to the public for dinner reservations


Complete with a zen garden for perfect meditation momentsI have enjoyed two other beach towns–Seaside and Rosemary Beach–Alys Beach connecting the three.  They are also dainty seaside towns located on each side of Alys Beach. The bike trail from Seaside all the way through Alys to Rosemary Beach is an awesome trail we rode last summer; I recommend it (but not in jorts and flops Amie Moore).