Magical Times in Monaco

Looking back on my life over the past 10 years I have been very fortunate to travel to some amazing places.  My favorite of these will always be Monaco.  The main reason this place is so dear to my heart is because I lived there after college.  I have returned twice since and came across the pictures today; had to share my story.  My friend and I were talking about this magical, little country just yesterday which got me really missing this charming spot just off the southeast corner of France on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.


Fontvieille is a little region of Monaco and home of my favorite grocery market called Carrefour.  Connected to Carrefour is McDonald’s.  I am not a fan of McDonald’s, but I can honestly say it was the last Mickey D’s I have visited.  Imagine a fast food joint on the edge of a lush and rocky cliff overlooking the Meditteranean sea filled with yachts below on the port, then you have Fontvieille McDonalds.  If I ever got homesick when living in Monaco, I would go get a McFlurry there or visit another American chain for some terrible fast food like the Subway in Roquebrune-Cap Martin or the Kentucky Fried Chicken I found on the way to the golf course in Nice.IMG_2017

This is Alex Noren aka my college ex aka European pro golfer from Sweden!  He got a condo here in Monaco that has the most incredible view.  His balcony looks out over Monte Carlo Casino, Le Metropole (mall and hotel!), AND the sea!IMG_2022IMG_1989

Check out the sweet balcony with the electric awning.  They are all about the electric awnings and metal sort of shades here to keep out the sun.  I had these electric metal shades that I swear were bullet proof.  Nothing was getting through those, not even the tiniest glimpse of sunlight, when they were completely down.  I thought that was the greatest thing, plus they cancelled out the pizza scooters next door at “Chicken and Pizza” that were especially annoying in the mornings.IMG_1992

His balcony view by nightIMG_1873

His balcony view by dayIMG_1999

This is in the royal casino gardens just next to Alex’s placeIMG_1964

Spotted this awesome license plate while roaming Monte Carlo one evening.  Side note, I walked the town in comfy shoes and carried my heels to put on before entering the restaurants/bars.  That’s just what women do around there…walking up/down all the hills and in heels!?  Not a smart idea.  I learned that very quickly, a few blisters later.  There is a lot of pressure for women to wear heels at all times here!  If they are not in heels, they are in fancy boots (which I spent my first paycheck on to fit in that first winter living there).  I still have them today almost 10 years later–thus, worth every dollar:)IMG_1962

This is one of my favorite spots in the south of France located on the water just between Nice and Monaco.  It is called African Queen in BEAULIEU-SUR-MER, and they make the most delicious Panna Cotta!  Thanks Yo for introducing me to this impressive restaurant one rainy day.IMG_1973


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    Great memories! You write so well!

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      Thanks mom! Trying to find my old creative writing technique again.


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