Christmas Time in Mountain Country

This is our first Christmas in Evergreen.  The Christmas season in this community brings elves, mulled wine, apple cider, hot chocolate, horse carriage rides, ice-skating, ice melt contests, ice fishing on the town lake, Christmas Carolers and music, the “Lighting of the Tree” town festival, open fires, reindeer costumes, joy, togetherness, and cheer.

My home-made winter time wreathe!  img_2060The neighborhood img_2082img_2094img_2101This is the start of the “Lighting of the Tree Festival”.  It was a wonderful experience, but we never saw them make a spectacle of any Christmas tree lighting; maybe we missed it.  We parked at the church to catch the shuttle down the hill to avoid any parking mess.  We got on board with a bunch of young moms, dads, and kids.  It was a bitter sweet experience.  I hope to be there on that shuttle with our own some day but enjoyed watching the families interact and get excited about the festival.

Christmas Carolsimg_2103Elderly Elvesimg_2105Gathering around the open fires with hot apple cider, mulled wine, and hot chocolate is delightful!  We decided on the mulled wine.img_2108This is where you find the apple cider, hot chocolate, and “Ice Melt Contest” tickets.img_2109This is where the “Muddy Buck” resides and also our preferred coffee shop hang out on the weekends.  Next door is the “Little Bear Saloon” where wild nights of dancing and pitchers of beer are enjoyed while listening to live music.img_2114img_2113Finally, there are the two horse open sleigh rides.img_2115Back home we get lots of snow and love it even when cabin bound!img_2205img_2208img_2209It seems the snow brings out more wildlife or makes them more active.  We enjoy having close up moments, watching them come right up to our patio.img_2227img_2229img_2231img_2233img_2242img_2246img_2256My favorite Tomato Blue Cheese soupimg_2264I brought home some beers from Tulsa, Oklahoma’s new brewery American Solara.  We think their sours are absolutely on point!img_2267