Evergreen Has My Heart

My favorite place to hang out in the chalet is the living room nestled up by the fire or standing at the back door off the kitchen/living room directly behind the bird feeder situated in the center of the backyard.  The view gawking from that sliding glass door is a splendid one and displays a panoramic of the entire backyard.  This isn’t just any back yard, this is the land where the spooked elk run through the evergreens, the squirrels frolic in the snow, the deer eat the fallen pine, and the birds snack on their seeds.  Any given day, we are guaranteed to be entertained by at least two of these majesties of nature.  I have shared pictures of a few of the moments I caught on camera and some new birds I’ve learned.img_2914Grey-headed Junco or Dark-eyed Junco: female img_2918Pygmy Nuthatchimg_2922Male Dark-eyed Juncoimg_2925img_2927img_2944img_2945img_2947img_2950img_2951img_2953img_2954img_2956This is the hot tub we often enjoy even when snow is falling…img_2957My favorite little deer is this sweet fawn with one floppy ear.img_2960img_2961img_2962img_2963img_2967img_2968img_2971img_2974img_2976img_2978