Hikes Around Evergreen

This beautiful view is found just a few miles up from my house on the way to Evergreen Mountain.  This is my new friend and hiking partner Katie (the wife of our realtor).IMG_2727I packed a thermos of hot tea to enjoy at the peak of our hike.  Here is where we stopped to take in the tea and the view Evergreen Mountain shared with us on this wonderful winter afternoon.IMG_2730IMG_2731The following week, I found myself at Lair o’ the Bear for a solo hike on the hunt for a glimpse of the enchanting Dunafon Castle.  Bear Creek is still frozen so there was some running (in slush)  as well as some slipping and sliding into the best angles with my camera.IMG_2740IMG_2742IMG_2745


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IMG_2749Every morning on the way to work I would drive by wondering what was beyond the driveway sign with the castle crest…finally the mystery of the hidden castle is revealed!  Just across the trout filled Bear Creek are the walls of a stunning castle where weddings and charity events take place half of the year and a residence remains for the full-time caretaker.  The castle is comprised of 17 acres with 14 bedrooms, a fruit and wine cave, two upper roof tops overlooking the large trout ponds and spectacular views of the property (ideal for cocktail parties, dances, or an elegant dinners), a nostalgic old wooden water wheel, and 1500 feet of private trout ponds -just to name a few details.IMG_2750


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Tea time out of my vintage plaid Thermos at the end of a long hike is a lovely reward.  I am so grateful for this morning.  IMG_2752Post hike I met up with my two new mountain biker friends and their dog (all whom I just met on this trail) for a smokey lunch at one of my top favorite local eats, Switchback Smokehouse to continue enjoying the day “al fresco” style.