Crust-less Quiche

A sort of recipe for you…
Potato Crusted Quiche
What you’ll need:
Milk or cream
potatoes (I use the organic multicolored little bag of potatoes from Whole Foods–love the purple ones!)
brussel sprouts
kale (optional)
cotija cheese
Served with a side of avocado, cottage cheese, and Louisiana hot sauce (I like to put it on almost everything, so definitely not needed for this tasty crust-less pie)
I think I cooked this on convection Bake 400 for about 30-35 minutes, but yours could take more than 45 with more eggs/feeding a whole family.  I oiled my pie pan with a garlic oil (Toum) that I made, but any butter or oil of your preference will be just as good (and just add fresh garlic on top of the potatoes if you like).  I used my mandoline thin slicer blade and shaved slices of the potatoes and layered them into about three layers on bottom of pie pan to make the crust.  Then I shaved onions with same blade on top of the potatoes.  I also shaved brussel sprouts (same blade and put these aside until the end).  Crack the appropriate amount of eggs into a bowl.  **I estimate about 1-2 per person–max of 6 because will take too long to cook.  For the two of us, I used about 4 eggs. ~We at the whole thing in one setting~** Then whisk in about 1/3-1/2 cup milk, salt, and pepper to eggs; pour mixture over unbaked potato onion “crust”.  Place shaved brussel sprouts, torn kale, basil, chives, or any fresh herbs lightly on top of the egg mixture in pie pan.  After cooking for about 8-10 minutes or so add sliced tomatoes on top and grate a little of your favorite cheese (optional).  I just topped it with crumbled up bits of Cotija cheese, because–just the Louisiana hot sauce addition–I love Cotija on anything.  Please excuse the crazy directions, as I don’t like to measure ingredients…call me a rebel if you will.