Fetching Bath, England

Bath, England-

We were only here two nights, but we made the best of it starting with an elegant tea time in Bath at a spot called the Pump Room with live classical music, quite the experience.  This is the spot where the Romans once had their public baths for soaking and socializing (one still remains here for visitors to view!). It now makes the perfect accompaniment to coffee, lunch and afternoon tea.  We also had an amazing experience when we went to a Thermae bath, an updated version of the Roman baths in Bath.  Just like the historic thermal baths, these were different temperatures and different sizes, some indoor and one on the rooftop.  I have never experienced anything like this 4 story public spa!20171005_16322020171005_155747.jpgThe beautiful stone bridge just before seeing THE Pulteney Bridge over the historic River Avon 20171005_17372020171005_175253Almost to the Pulteney Bridge here but completely lost in the moment and did not take a pic!  We were certainly fascinated with this mechanical contraption down stream from the bridge; it is called a crescent weir.  The barrier allows water to flow over the top, but prevents easy river navigation. “Pulteney Bridge, like the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy, is one of only a few historic bridges in the world with shops built into it. Although architecturally dissimilar (the Ponte Vecchio is Medieval; the Pulteney Bridge is Georgian), the Pulteney Bridge, like the Ponte Vecchio, is notably beautiful and romantic.”20171005_175856