Milk Bread

When quarantine started over a year ago, I took up a new hobby: making and keeping up with sourdough. Here is one of my favorite sourdough recipes, but I will not take all the credit. I got it from This Old Gal. Hokkaido Milk Bread is the best sandwich bread ever! I also love to make French Toast with it. The other day I experimented with the dough after the long last fridge fermentation stage and made Bombolini or Beignets with the slightly sweet dough and they turned out perfectly! Here is what I did:

The big ball of dough autolyzing a couple hours or so before going into the fridge-

After the dough sits overnight in the fridge, roll it out and prepare it for your bread pans. Don’t forget to save a couple of dough balls for these donuts (or even make a mini babka twist which also works well and tastes delicious)!

These pillowy clouds of dough are now ready for the oven

Don’t forget the butter the tops while hot and fresh out of the oven, then loosen and pop them out of their pans

A little peek of the light and fluffy crumb of the milk bread when you cut it with a bread knife, but I love to pull it apart too for dipping in soup