Liliane’s “Retro Trolls” 2nd Birthday!

When I went home to my parent’s house at Easter, I went through my stuff stored in their attic to find my old Troll dolls. I decided it was time to take them back into my possession, so I brought them back to Colorado to introduce my old favorite toys from my elementary days to my daughter. Liliane immediately learned the word “Troll” and she too cherished the dolls. Weeks passed by, I started racking my brain trying to think of the perfect 2nd birthday theme for my baby girl. Then it hit me as she was still carrying one of my Trolls around with her everywhere, a Vintage Troll Party it would be for Liliane. I have to share some of the birthday treats as the party turned out beautifully with not much help from online resources for the Vintage Troll party ideas vs the new TROLLS.

The weather wasn’t cooperating so this is the first table idea but then the sun came out so we got to move outside as originally planned
Fruity Pimms Cup for the “big kids” aka adults

Then we quickly moved everything outside, a little chaotic–but you can’t control mother nature!

We abruptly dropped everything to start opening gifts as the thunder starting to crash in…just to move the party back inside again!

Funfetti White Birthday Cake Recipe for High Altitude (coming soon)