Downtown and Around Boston

Meandering around downtown… The first restaurant where we ate downtown–Boston Sail Loft. NORM! The Hotel–The Ames They had the best products. You can buy them online if you want to spend an arm and a leg. I requested room service to bring an arms load more to go:) I especially loved the Rum Body Wash…

Harpoon Brewery

Didn’t make the tour after the long hot two mile trek here. It was the last one of the day and completely full. oopsy…I did get to try their nice stout though. This brewery kind of reminded me of Kettlehouse Brewery in Montana with the exception I loved Kettlehouse so much more.

Sam Adams Brewery Tour

Hops Tried my first IPL. Have you ever had or seen an IPL? This juice glass was filled up with three different samples 6-7 times! Since our table only had four people we got to finish off the pitchers. This little juice glass is a nice complimentary souvenir.