Jewel Cave

This is a cave that was discovered in 1900 and declared by Theodore Roosevelt as a national monument by 1908.  It was named after all the glittering calcite crystals that line the cave walls and is now known as the second largest cave in the world.  It is approximately 148.27 miles long but honeycombed under…

Pure Bliss

Relaxing in the hammock, surrounded by nature & wildlife, birding or reading with a warm coffee or espresso in hand=”PURE BLISS”

First homemade Mexican cuisine of our journey…

Complete with homemade salsa, cheesy sour cream sauce, black beans, pickled carrots n jalapenos, and Artisan Garlic Black Bean Tortilla Chips Salsa de Chipotle Recipe 6 medium sized tomatoes 1 T vegetable oil, plus 1 t for pan 1/4 onion, chopped 2 garlic cloves, minced 2 T cilantro, chopped 1-2 chipotle chilies in La Moreno…

Spelunking in Wind Cave

This cave was close to Elk Mountain Campground where we were staying, so we decided to ride our bikes up for an afternoon cave tour. This cave is famous for its unique abundance of boxwork formations you may recognize in some of my pictures.

Coyotes interrupting our elk watching

Stopped Rocky Mountain Elk watching to listen to the communication between two coyotes, very suspenseful Then all of sudden I spotted the coyote from behind us and we captured him running to his friend/lover (we don’t know?)