Farmers’ Market Goodness in a salad

Pure goodness!! I decided to call this “Farmers Market Salad,” because I got every ingredient but the apple and avocado from a few different farmers at the local farmer’s market Sunday. Farmers Market Salad Arugula and mixed greens Honey crisp apple Tomato Mint Avocado Salt n pepper Slice, chop, and/or tear all ingredients and toss….

Avocado and Roasted Five Pepper Soup/Sauce?

Roast 3-5 yellow, orange, green, bell peppers, 2-3 poblano, 1 jalapeño, 4-5 tomatillos, and 4-5 cloves garlic drizzled with olive oil. After browning skins, peel away and seed all. Add ingredients above to food processor or blender along with 3-5 avocados (depending on how many servings are needed), and a small bunch of cilantro. Add…

Refreshing Chickpea Salad

Chickpea Salad Red onions Bell peppers Tomatoes Green onions Garlic Avocados Chop all. Then add chickpeas and mix with oil, red wine vinegar, and any spices you like such as garlic salt, Cavender’s Greek Seasoning, or Nature’s Seasoning. *cucumbers might be a nice addition as well