Kale quinoa creation

This is a wonderful salad that is very filling I fixed myself for lunch today. Kale Tomatoes Green onion Avocado Quinoa Feta crumbles, optional Smoked sea salt flakes Cumin Olive oil Fresh lemon juice Tellicherry peppercorns

Veggie Enchiladas (with especial white sauce) and Blueberry Salsa

Guacamole, Ted’s Salsa, Blueberry Salsa, and a carrot jalapeño relish to start Blueberry Salsa Crushed and whole blueberries Jalapeño Red onion Red bell pepper Cilantro Lemon juice Salt and pepper Veggie Enchiladas Tortillas Bell peppers Poblano peppers Jalapeño pepper Baby Bella mushrooms Onions Cilantro Adobo canned peppers Black beans, cooked and drained Greek yogurt Light…