À propos de moi

From “Uptown Dallas” life to adventures on the road with Cyrus and RV-ing from Colorado to Canada…  After 3 and a half years back home in Tulsa, I made my way back to Colorado and also back to the love of my life–Cyrus.  My blog is about to make a shift to many mountain adventures with the wildlife and farmstead that is about to surround our new chalet and life in Evergreen…



9 thoughts

  1. Just watched your upgrades video. Very nice. I really like your nonexistent description in the About Us section. 😉
    Keep up with the blog; it will be fun for all of us to see where the road takes you!
    Erica (‘Rusia)


    1. Haha, hi Erica[rusia]! Thanks for your interest my dear friend! I will make sure Cyrus gets the compliment about the upgrades. He is very proud, I believe. I was actually just getting ready to add maybe another one liner to this “About US”. This is the most challenging part of the blog, you know…too much to capture in one paragraph or so! Can’t wait to tell you all about my day today…will post tomorrow, worn out for now. xoxo


  2. How very, very fun to be doing “this” Amy!! WOW! I truly am living vicariously through you and Cyrus! Love this part of the country! So wonderful to see you in June….hate under the circumstances…..will keep tracking with you here. Big Hug! Love ya! Cheryl


    1. Aww…we love it up here too! I can’t wait until Canada this week! We are having Cyrus’ dad up to travel there with us this week as well so should make for a lovely time. Thanks for following us on here! I really enjoy seeing my loved ones comment to me. Hope all is well with you & to see you in Sept when we are home for the wedding! Big hug back, love ya!


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